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New CYHSY Album In The Works

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah is due out with their third album this September 12th. It will be their first album in four years; however, from what has been pre-released, it already sounds pretty good. You can listen to it here. It is also available for download in higher quality using email via this link. Tell us what you think!!

-Broken Deerfield Scene

Rogue Wave- kinda sorta awesome. This isn’t really new stuff either, but I recently unearthed their whole discography, and it sounds pretty darn good. The first few tracks on their latest album were great, and, as is the case with a great number of bands, their earliest two albums were the most experimental, and possibly more interesting to listen to. Whichever album you prefer, it is interesting to listen to how their sound develops as you work your way through their discography. I personally like “Lake Michigan,”“Cheaper Than Therapy,”“Publish My Love,” and “Kicking the Heart Out.” 

-Broken Deerfield Scene

The Innocence Mission


So hardly new musical news, but this song (“Today”) has been on heavy rotation lately along with “Tomorrow On The Runway” and the Sufjan Stevens version of “Lakes of Canada.” The Innocence Mission is pretty frickin’ awesome. It’s unusual in music to find a husband and wife duo working together - especially given that they met in high school, and that the band formed during a school production of the play Godspell. This group makes beautiful music, and it’s all very relaxed. I think when I listen to it, I can actually feel the pressure leaving my body. It’s soothing stuff. Just don’t listen to it while operating heavy machinery. 

-Broken Deerfield Scene

First of all, sorry for all the Bon Iver themed posts, but he’s really the big news right now with his new album and such.

Second: this is maybe the weirdest music video I’ve ever seen.  It’s not weird like visually LSD-reminiscent, because it’s certainly semi-realistic in form, but just watch it for yourself and you’ll see what I mean.  You think you get it and then the next shot catapults you from your confidence in comprehension.

I do particularly like it at 2:05 when the shots flick through all the first things they’re noticing about each other—pretty accurate, and also accurate as far as memories go.  When I remember somebody I’ve only met once or twice and I try to remember how they look, that’s similar to how I remember them.

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—Mrs. Mumford

Not exactly cutting-edge and not quite as “different” or “interesting” as a lot of the other stuff we have/will have up here, but this song, which always brings me back to middle school and my lasting obsession with Grey’s Anatomy (but the good old days of seasons 1, 2, and 3), is so sweet, lyrics, melody, simplicity.  Also, this post is a shout out to a friend of mine.

—Mrs. Mumford

Summer’s finally here! Thank god. Remember life before Deerfield? When summer meant running around town and playing in the backyard? Well, now summer’s a little different. Between SAT prep courses and community service trips, it can sometimes feel like summer is an extension of school, just, you know - unbearably hot outside. While this video is not particularly new, it seems suiting to put it up at this time of year. Enjoy!

- Broken Deerfield Scene

P.S. Still trying out new nicknames. I have to have something equally as punny as my two other contributors… Pressure’s on!

Pitchfork Interviews Justin Vernon aka Bon Iver

There’s been a lot of noise around Bon Iver’s new album, including our post, an article in the New York Times Magazine, and general buzz in the online music community.  There’s a section on High School, on Truth, on Bob Dylan, on Irony…what could be better? 

—Mrs. Mumford

I want Desmond to make colored bubbles.  But maybe I have to be a collaged person for that to happen.

—Mrs. Mumford

P.S. Desmond is my ukulele.

Shakespeare is everywhere, even in Mumford & Sons

Mumford & Sons aren’t exactly an unknown discovery, but I just read about the (obvious in retrospect) connection between their song ‘Sigh No More’ and a song in Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing.  

Now, if you want a comparison of the two sets of lyrics…

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She & Him

—Oh Boy

Oh boy!! Get excited. With the use of some handy dandy, slightly illicit use of the interwebs, here is She & Him’s newest song! It’s set to be part of a Buddy Holly cover compilation album called Rave On Buddy Holly, but for now, all it is is a single. It released yesterday on the internet, so it’s not quite old news yet. Enjoy!

-Dinosaurs Ate My Protractor

P.S. I’m working on some ridiculous new totally underground nickname ideas to replace that totally mainstream one. Any suggestions?