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James Blake + Bon Iver: they're for real.

Nothing to say except OMG

I found out about this band through a friend last February. The sound is truly incredible, and they have since become one of my favorite things to listen to. Listen to the video all the way through- you ought to have goosebumps by the end. If you enjoyed this, check out the rest of this album, “The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place” as well as “How Strange, Innocence.”

-Broken Deerfield Scene

Pandora for Hipsters

If you don’t already know about 8tracks then get on there. You can make a streaming playlist of 8 or more songs and then put it on the website for people to listen to. Then they comment and tell you how they felt about it. I really liked all the songs on this one. Very summer. 

Do you know how much I love Laura Marling?  Because if you don’t, you should.  She was part of Noah and the Whale until she broke up with a bandmate (which ended first, I wonder) and started her own thing, which was significantly darker than NatW, with debut album Alas I Cannot Swim, and this became my anthem: Isn’t she just WAY too cute???

Then she got even darker with I Speak Because I Can which was one of my favorite albums of 2010.  The following track is one of my favorites:

This new turn seems to be a bit lighter than her previous stuff, but it is also the first track on the album, so that leaves plenty of room for ombre; certainly, if the album art is any indication. enjoy!

—Mrs. Mumford

Yay for Bon Iver Pandora. 

-Ironic & Wine

It’s not new music, and it was featured on Gossip Girl (which, embarrassingly, was the final push for me to FINALLY download an Elliott Smith album…haters hate on), but it’s beautiful.  And that’s all that matters, that and the fact that it isn’t Bon Iver-related.

—Mrs. Mumford

good morning—here’s a song—enjoy.

"Opium" - The New Division.

Read about it here.

—Mrs. Mumford

To prove Mrs. Mumford’s point, I recently rediscovered Kaki King- or Katherine King. A lot of her music is purely instrumental, but every now and then she does a vocal track. She is one of the most highly renowned guitarists in the world, and her technique is really incredible to listen to, let alone watch. I strongly encourage you to look at both links. She has a lot of stylistic range, but I think these two videos do a decent job of exhibiting it.

-Broken Deerfield Scene

I just spend the entire afternoon listening to this while working on college essays.  She’s great.

Also, not sure how this proves my point.

—Mrs. Mumford. 

On rediscovering albums.

We should just have done with it and call this the Bon Iver Appreciation Blog that features minor expeditions into the rest of the music world.  But here’s another interesting post from Slowcoustic, another music blog that I follow.  Less about Vernon himself, more about how music we love sometimes falls away from our immediate awareness and then it comes on shuffle on our iPod and you can’t stop listening to the album, or even the single for the next few months.  I refuse to believe that’s just me.

—Mrs. Mumford